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Pyxy-gallery is an AJAX image gallery in PHP and JavaScript, which optionally uses lightbox.js. It is designed to be an ultra-light-weight, "drop-in" image gallery. Its features include:

AJAX shininess
Users can browse your pictures without leaving a page. This provides for a smoother, more continuous user experience. Pyxy also uses fragment identifiers to let you bookmark and link to individual pages within the gallery.
HTTP support
You'd think this was trivial, but it's not: Unlike some drop-in gallery scripts, Pyxy uses the HTTP headers that browsers send to determine whether or not to re-send image thumbnails. It supports keep-alive connections to drastically reduce loading time latencies.
Just drop it in and go! Configuration is optional. Pyxy requires PHP version 4.3.0 or later, with the GD image library.
GPL Licensed
Pyxy-gallery is licensed under the GNU General Public License. If you're completely new on the Internet scene here: yes, that means it's free.

Downloads and Links

I would be simply delighted if you would add your gallery to the pyxy-gallery-users tag on

Other Resources

Pyxy is not for everybody. It's a tiny script with many limitations. It's intended for those times when, say, you've taken 150 pictures of Reynolda House and you want to dump them all online, but you don't want a lot of hassle importing them somewhere. If you find that you need more, the following resources will help you locate alternatives:

For a really nice full-featured photo gallery, try Gallery or Gallery2 from For a totally awesome "merely lightweight" photo gallery, use Zen Photo. For generalized file browsing, and thumbnails, how about Lussumo Filebrowser?

If you're looking for free image hosting on someone else's servers, you probably want Flickr or Picasa Web Albums, unless you really want something more like ImageShack or PhotoBucket.

If you want your own web space and domain name with PHP/MySQL and the works, 200 gigabytes of disk space, a terabyte two terabytes of bandwidth a month, well, I'm on Dreamhost.
(Use promo/referral code PYXY for $95 off a year's hosting).

For photo management on your desktop:

Version history

Vaporware edition (features "coming soon"):
Local thumbnail caching support. Better fallback mechanisms: Restore the 'alternate' page that lets Google see this stuff, and RSS feeds. Perhaps a companion script for PHP-only gallery. They can share code somehow. Rewrite JSON schema, bring it more in line with DC namespace stuff - this will make the RSS feeds easier. Restore sorting capabilities. Fix thumbnail aspect ratios, add calculation. Put in better LOADING text.
14 Jan 2007 - v2.0 beta ('Xenon')
Nigh-unto-complete code rewrite. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL *snif*
Usable for embedded mode! I'll write instructions.
We now use MooTools.
MooTools is bundled with the package.
Sorry, we're up to three files (index.php, pyxy.js, moo.js).
Integrated Lightbox with MooTools in pyxy.js - SO MUCH SIMPLER
Did away with - see new index.html method
Read EXIF and IPTC data into the JSON. (no display yet)

Assorted features of 1.x are missing.
If you attempt to go directly from one 'view' fragment ID to another, things will not work properly. You will not encounter this behavior unless you either bookmark or copy-and-paste a URL and visit that URL while you have a Lightbox window open.
Opera users will not see a transparent Lightbox overlay. It will be opaque. I blame MooTools for now, I think, but should research more.
Thumbnail aspect ratios likely to be damaged (try a vertical photo, see?)
The overlay goes up, but the 'close' behaviour won't arrive until later.
Going 'back' to the very-first-page (with no fragment ID) doesn't reset the gallery properly.
prev/next buttons need to be made static or something so click-happy users may proceed apace.
24 May 2006 - v1.12 ('Radon')
Sorting available.
Fragment IDs for images now supported: Take that, Digg! :P
Please note $pref['lightbox_ver'] = 1 or 2 for Lightbox installations.
Scaling algorithm selection.
Assorted code restructuring, JavaScript changes.
Internationalization available ($i8n).
$pref['uri'] default change.
Improved handling of final pages (fewer empty grid cells).
13 May 2006 - v1.11
Some code restructure.
line breaks for long [1][2][3] lists
preference file name change ( to to avoid conflicts
better checking for autoinstall failure (and more informative messages)
gallery description support
marginally better noscript handling
10 May 2006 - v1.10
lightbox.js support
trivial JavaScript bugfix
prototype.js variable location support
8 May 2006 - v1.01
Opera compatibility enhancements
7 May 2006 - v1.00
Initial release!